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May 12th, 2018

How many times have you been wrong?

During your whole life. And not just the obvious basics like the answer to that third calculus problem on the final in High school. How many times have you been wrong regarding anything?

Placing that left foot the first time you tried to walk? Fumbling the sound when you tried to say ‘Mom’ for the first time. (or the 1,000th time) The pronunciation of the word “whale” when you first tried to read it. . .

Is a big reason that little kids are cute because of how they fail? Without shame. Without embarrassment. With total willingness. How cute. Complete abandon, completely relaxed. . . No fucks given.

Do we laugh and smile because they are cute?

Or do we laugh and smile out of embarrassment for ourselves? That we have lost that ability? To experiment shamelessly. To try and understand the world without guilt, without embarrassment?

How much could be learned from what has been forgotten?

So often we should bolster more confidence when we feel fear. So often we should assume humility when we feel confidence.

What can we learn from kids?

This: You’re not going to get it right. Not until you’ve done it wrong many –probably, many, many times.

So go ahead. Make a mistake.

It just might turn out to be the right thing to do.


It’ll be cute.

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