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September 14th, 2018

Neither exist.


This is a very strange thing to wrap the brain around.  We speak and think and dream so much about the past and the future.  But neither actually exist.


No one can get up and go get yesterday.  We can get artifacts that might have to do with yesterday, like a photo, but a photo is not the past.


Likewise with the future.  Tomorrow does not exist.  By the time it comes around, it’s the present.


It takes some time to wiggle the brain into a space that grasps the idea that the day when we turned 9 years old simply doesn’t exist.  Having artifacts from that time, in particular, our own self makes it feel as though that past day still exists somehow, but it doesn’t.


This fact can be very freeing.


It means we are not beholden to who we were yesterday, or last year.


It also means that when we plan, we are not planning for tomorrow, because we will never exist in a time ahead of ourselves and our current experience. 


What this means is that when we plan, and act for the future, we are in fact planning for the present – a present that – when we experience it – won’t feel the least bit like tomorrow.  It’ll feel like Now.  


Podcast Ep. 152: Yesterday and Tomorrow

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