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June 3rd, 2018

Confusion is a delicious word:  Con  +  fusion.







The fusion of two contrary things. 









Yep.  That’s confusing alright.


When do we feel confused?  What are the two contrary things that are suddenly being fused and

prompting such a delightful feeling of vulnerability?















Generally one of the two things is: our understanding of reality.


And the other?


Generally, it’s Reality.











The two come up against one another and our brain starts running around inside our skull with it’s head chopped off.  Ironic that we feel so vulnerable and worried when it happens.  We’re chock full of contradictions.


Is vulnerability and worry the best reaction we can muster? No.


Must we chose between confusion and curiosity?  No.  (That was a red-herring title.)


The better order is not an either/or but a ‘both’:


Confusion, then curiosity.
















That’s how we’ll rearrange our understanding of things and fuse it to that other pesky contra:




Curiosity is a powerful tool that can lead us from confusion to Eureka.

Podcast Ep. 49: Confusion or Curiosity

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