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The way we think is both our greatest tool - indeed our only tool - and very often it is also our biggest leash. We are only who we think we are. Our opportunities are also limited by who other people think we are. It stands to reason that if we’d like to change who we are, we must start with an effort to change our thinking. Read more here


June 10th, 2018

Someone calls us up on the phone and asks for directions.


Do we start rattling off directions?




We ask questions.


Where are you?


What landmarks do you see?


How did you get there?


What did you see on your way to this place?


Can you give me more details? 






Only by asking the right questions can we understand where someone is.  Only when we truly understand where someone is can we than even start to be helpful by giving some directions that might lead to a better place.




How often do we dish out advice before truly understanding where someone is?

Podcast Ep. 56: Borrowed Directions

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