Currently there are no ads on Tinkered Thinking.  I hope this will always be the case.  Ads have inundated the internet and our daily lives with distraction that is rarely helpful, useful or pleasing.  If some sort of advertising situation arises that can fulfill these three qualities for the audience of Tinkered Thinking, then perhaps such a reality will come about.  

More importantly, audience support is on the rise as a legitimate and powerful force for assuring independent, quality material.  Some of my favorite podcasts are run this way, and I hope to run Tinkered Thinking this way.   If, however, you cannot afford to become a Table Leg for Tinkered Thinking and support this platform - there's nothing wrong with that.  Any use this content may find in the minds of others is it's most important reward. That means sharing the content is a very powerful way to show your support. If you know someone who might benefit from even one of the micro-essays on this platform, please share.

If you can become a Table Leg and support this platform, your generosity is recieved with deep gratitude.


Here is an advanced look at a post that spurred the inspiration for this idea of 'becoming' a Table Leg: