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The way we think is both our greatest tool - indeed our only tool - and very often it is also our biggest leash. We are only who we think we are. Our opportunities are also limited by who other people think we are. It stands to reason that if we’d like to change who we are, we must start with an effort to change our thinking. Read more here


August 27th, 2018

“The world does not care about your version of it.”



This is a brutal truth.



But the brutality is in the wording.  The brutality is in the emotion that such phrasing conveys. 


The meaning –or the so-called ‘truth’ in such a statement is not necessarily brutal.



Many short-circuit their own wish to help others with poor wording such as this.  Wording that conveys an emotional hardness.  This often does not work.  Just as such monotonous advice as “stop smoking” never ever works.


If there is a brutal truth it is this: such poor wording only takes a toll on the relationships we are trying to contribute to. 


The antidote is the thoughtful PAUSE.


No, we cannot change observable aspects of the world merely by thinking.  But the world does react to our actions upon it.  (even no reaction is useful information).  The results may not be what we expect, nor to our liking, but results of any kind are proof of an effect, however tiny that might be.


The world does not care about our version of it.


But the world will react to our actions upon it.


If we take enough actions, we can build a more accurate picture of the world through the results of those actions: regardless of whether those results are labelled as failures or successes. 


With a better picture of the world, and how reality functions, we can fine-tune our actions, honing in on what we can do, and reshaping our world and our reality with those actions to move from the world that does not care about our version of it, to a world that is slightly different today because of our actions. 


Perhaps this new world might look a little more like the version we had in mind.



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