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The way we think is both our greatest tool - indeed our only tool - and very often it is also our biggest leash. We are only who we think we are. Our opportunities are also limited by who other people think we are. It stands to reason that if we’d like to change who we are, we must start with an effort to change our thinking. Read more here


May 24th, 2018

The perfect conditions will never arise.

The ideal plan will never form. 

The resources are limited. 





We must do what we can with what resources we have.

We must edit the plan as we go, as per the resources we have.





The only condition is now, and that condition only changes as we edit the plan by taking action with the resources we have.






Don’t wait for the perfect condition. Create it.

Don’t tinker the plan too much. Just start it.

Don’t make excuses because the resources aren’t available. 





We already have the two most valuable resources:

A brain + time.

These two resources are responsible for all the conditions of others you might admire, all the imperfect plans that got someone somewhere, for all other resources, period. Indeed they are the only two true resources. 


A resource without a brain to figure out what to do with it, is, useless. 

To be resourceful, is indeed, the ability to see resources where others see nothing and to see obvious resources in new ways.

The greatest attribute of the first resource, our brain: it can change it's self and become MORE resourceful. A resource that can edit it's own resourcefulness.

Time to MacGuyver your brain.

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