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The way we think is both our greatest tool - indeed our only tool - and very often it is also our biggest leash. We are only who we think we are. Our opportunities are also limited by who other people think we are. It stands to reason that if we’d like to change who we are, we must start with an effort to change our thinking. Read more here


June 4th, 2018

We hear this all the time.


My diet is… not too bad.


My body is… not too bad.


My finances are… not too bad.


Orderly apartment?  Not too bad.


Relationships?  Eh.  Not too bad.




This mother-pheasant-plucking, stinking-Balzac, god-forsaken catch-phrase is everywhere.





Of all the aspects of life.  What is the one thing that when questioned about, you’d like the answer to be….


It’s fucking stellar.


Start with that one.  But don’t end there.  Once you have some progress with momentum.  Start making the rounds.

Podcast Ep. 50: Not Too Bad

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