1. Has the best question been asked?


  1. Use it to boost it or lose it.


  1. The discovery of the new will always look like wandering before it is found.


  1. The ‘question’ is the only real tool. Questions allow for the creation of new tools and all tools are useless without the concurrent use of questions that unlock their use.


  1. The sole resource of persuasion is the other person’s mind, a resource which can only be mined with the use of questions.


  1. Time is not a resource. Money is a resource because it can be sourced again. Time is only a source because it depletes of its own accord without the option of renewal.


  1. Understanding is knowledge in motion. In order to integrate knowledge, one must actively use it until it’s possible to produce predictable outcomes.


  1. Honesty is the master variable and it is a skill. Honesty determines how much friction there is in human systems. The less honesty there is, the more friction exists.


  1. Peace is a subtractive process. It emerges from simplification, like the surface of water, any attempt to actively create peace only generates more ripples.



This is the first iteration of an evolving set of principles. They will change.