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May 17th, 2018

The past is undeniably important. It contains all the experiences that have influenced who we are. It is the single vast ingredient required for reflection. It stores all the information that allows us to make sense of the present. It feels exceptionally realistic and overwhelmingly convincing. Because once: it was reality.





But reality is not the past.





Reality is something new. It incorporates many aspects of the past. But to think it is the past or even very close to the past is to live in the past. To do this is to live in a conceptual version of the present based on a present that no longer exists - Except in the mind. To do this is to ignore reality. Let time slip by you. To be robbed of the future.

Where is the balance? Between reflection and practicing awareness in the present moment?






While driving we mostly look at the road in front of us, and only routinely make quick checks in our mirrors, which are very useful tools.

But we cannot do both at the same time.

We cannot keep our eyes on the road in front of us AND check our mirrors.

You must do one or the other.

If you are too focused on your mistakes, misfortunes & misery, you might be blind to avoid the next crash right in front of you.

Would it be a good idea to stare in your rear-view mirror the whole time while driving? 

Even most of the time?




Do you have your eyes on what’s in front of you?



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