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July 9th, 2018

This episode references Episode 10: Priorities and Episode 23: Pause, if you haven’t checked out that episode, listen to it, or read it before this episode.



The whims of fate have an unforgiving knack for reeling into focus what our PRIORITIES should have been.


This happens because we can’t be sure what requires our urgent attention.  Something at the bottom of the list might need to be at the top.


“Oh but there is plenty of time for that.”


Or so we think.


Then the randomness of the universe slips us up.  Something happens.  Something unexpected, and suddenly it’s too late.  No amount of reprioritization will crank back the invincible wheels of time.


We can safeguard against these sorts of unhappy occurrences.  But only if we PAUSE every single day and think deeply about what our PRIORITIES should be.  It doesn’t need to take that long.  Just look at that to-do list and ask the right question.


Often at this juncture the question is wrong.  At least with the current culture.


We ask this question:  If this were the last day of your life, what would you do?


This question is not helpful while looking at our PRIORITIES.  Almost all of us would simply toss the whole sheet of priorities and rewrite it from scratch.


We have to look at it the other way around.


How about this question:  If this were the last day you had a chance to do any of the items on your to-do list, would you reorganize it?  Would anything float to the top?


















All of this is to reiterate a simple message that is not said often enough:



If there is someone in your life who you have been meaning to reach out to.


Do it today. Right Now.


It might be your last chance.

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