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April 19th, 2018

An obstacle shows up in your path. Unexpected, perhaps  even planted by someone to hinder you. 

How do we react?

We may get upset.

And this is a reasonable –predictable- response to expect from any person.

But is it a reasonable approach to the obstacle?

Does such a response help you see the obstacle like a wall that can be surmounted, or even better, see it in a way that can help you? Who knows what advantage might come with the view from the top of such a wall. A view that might provide insight that never would have been possible had you been moseying along your way with no obstacle to block you. 

What is the better response? To care nothing? To be totally unfazed? 

This is likewise, uselessly extreme, and like any pendulum, rest only exists in the middle since.

A wall cannot be climbed with clench fists, but limp hands are no good either.

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