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January 24th, 2021


The pilgrims filtered one by one through the narrow passage into the cave.  The attendant who lead them walked up to Lucilius’s side who opened his eyes and smiled at the attendant.


“These students have journeyed from very far to learn from you,” the attendant said.


Lucilius nodded at the group that had assembled before him.


“They say,” said the attendant, “that one of their group reached enlightenment under the guidance of the last master they trained under.”


Lucilius looked at the group curiously, then turned to his attendant.  “Which one?” He asked.


The attendant translated Lucilius’ request and in a moment it was clear, the group turning to look at a young man sitting among them.


“Ask this enlightened one for me,” Lucilius said,  “what is enlightenment like?”


The attendant translated and the whole group listened as the enlightened student spoke.  Lucilius looked to the attendant when he was finished.


“He says that he’s had no thoughts since his enlightenment some weeks ago.”


Lucilius grew more curious, smiling with some delighted amusement.  There did seem to be a particularly serene air around this one individual in the group, and clearly the rest of the group held this person in a bit of awe, reverence.  


“No thoughts…really?” Lucilius said mostly to himself.  “Well,” he continued.  “We are all a patient bunch of people, being interested in meditation…”


The attendant translated as Lucilius paused with his points.


“We have no issue waiting.  So we will wait for your next thought,” Lucilius said nodding toward the student.


The attendant finished translating, and the smile upon the enlightened student remained - for a moment.  But as slivers of time began piling up, a lace of doubt seemed to thread into the face of that enlightened student.  The serene smile seemed to relax to a more neutral pose, and the glow in his eyes seemed to sober and clear.


“Oh…” the student said.  He said something more, and Lucilius looked to the attendant for aide.


“He thinks he may have just had a thought,” the attendant said.


The two, along with everyone else continued to watch the enlightened student until he said something else.


“Yes, he seems to be thinking now,” the attendant said.


Lucilius nodded gravely.


“Well,” he said, “now that that’s out of the way, shall we begin our practice?”  

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