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March 23rd, 2021


Tomorrow, you’ll be a slightly different person.  You’ll have memories you don’t have now, and you’ll have memory consolidation and learning advancements that occur in sleep that you haven’t yet undergone.  Tomorrow you’ll understand things you don’t today.  Tomorrow you’ll have abilities you don’t have right now.  But only if you put in the effort right now.


It is possible that tomorrow you’ll be a lesser version of yourself.  In sleep your brain will have no new important and pressing memories to consolidate, no new learning to run through again.  Sleep is a bit like an opportunity to underscore parts of your life experience, to make sure those experiences properly inform a future version of yourself.  But if another day passes without that tedium and pain we associate with the difficult new, than that opportunity is squandered.


Each and every day we have the chance to gift a better life, a better mind, and a better body to the person we will find ourselves living as tomorrow.  How many of these days are squandered, leaving a future version of who we are with less ammunition, less ability and less knowledge than might help that person incarnate to finally level up life to one that is more productive or fulfilling, more loving or serene.


All of these adjectives are very achievable goals.  Each has a crowd of information and tactics that is now freely available for anyone with the internet and some time. 


The problem is the present and our inability to leverage it for tomorrow.  If we can harvest the moment in the name of the future, we leave the gift of a higher platform upon which we wake.  But, of course, not every day goes to plan.  Not each moment can be seized.  We flail and stumble, but every time we can break away from the norm of distraction and plug in a unit of effort for tomorrow, it eventually allows our efforts to compound, and then distant goals get slowly reeled in.


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