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June 5th, 2021


Much behavior is for the purpose of avoiding risk.  Go to a good school to get a good job.  Get a good job to have a stable income.  Have a stable income to protect against the risk of poverty.  Keep working to keep the risks at bay.  Such logic rides on the assumption that a person wouldn’t be able to deal with adverse situations, or that such situations would be wholly bad. Adverse situations require creativity to solve, and challenges build character, and yet we try to limit our opportunity for such things as much as possible by smoothing out life with predictable paths.



It’s a mark of the confident creative to willingly allow the situation of life to sharpen to a pinch that induces a new level of ingenuity to escape.  This is often seen as a negative, to piss away time having fun, travelling and all the other wishy washy activities of youth that are benevolently labelled as “finding yourself.”  For many this lack of seriousness is a set up for later failure.  And for some people this is exactly the case.  After the wanderlust subsides or the resources that fund it subside, many such people get back on track - that predictable track which is primarily purposed for avoiding the risk of adverse situations like poverty.


But for some, this situational pinch is seen ahead of time as a kind of motivational tool, one that will and can galvanize the spirit to transform the lessons of creative wandering into a creative upgrade.  This is the entrepreneurial spirit before any thought of business even enters the picture.  


The entrepreneurial spirit is rather counter to the predictable path and sees that avenue as a setup for failure, as being stuck in a perpetual loop and cycle of risk aversion as opposed to embracing that risk to experience the real goods of what life has to offer.


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