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June 6th, 2021

The spring light in the garden was perfect for reading as the afternoon approached.  Lucilius flipped a page and readjusted his glasses.  He took a sip of his tea.  All was right.


He heard an excited holler from the house and he smiled.  The screen door clapped the announcement of it’s use and a friend staying with Lucilius while he got back on his feet took a chair next to Lucilius.


The pause was loaded, and Lucilius let it stretch, knowing the growing anticipation.


“Good news?”  Lucilius asked.


His friend exhaled deeply, smiling into his hands as he rubbed his hands.  


“Yea, real good news.  The issue I thought I was going to run into? Not going to be an issue.  I just can’t believe my luck.  It seems like this whole thing might actually work.”


“Well you’ve been working hard at it,” Lucilius commented, happy he could help out a friend while they took a chance - that little risk to beat out a new path and make something happen in the world.


“I mean, I’m not just feeling lucky, “ he said, now looking at Lucilius, “It’s like all sorts of odd lucky things are happening.”


“They’re only happening because you thought of them happening in the first place.”


It was met with a laugh.  “That sounds like some of that wishy washy manifesting stuff.”


Lucilius shrugged.  “Well, what exactly do you think that word means?

“It’s just wishful thinking.”


“Well,” Lucilius said, “if that’s the definition you’ve got than I’ll have to agree with you, but even handwork towards a goal has to start with just the idea, the fantasy that the goal might actually be possible.  To manifest a wish is to work hard to make it real, but what is hard work without the goal in then first place?”


A humble smile met Lucilius’ comment an d Lucilius mirrored it.  “It’s happening my friend, you’re making it happen.”

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