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February 16th, 2022

What’s your gut tell you? 


We seek advice from others to confirm our own hopes and plans. The smarter ones welcome detours and edits to the plan in order to get to the final goal. But when there are too many forks in the road, and all advice is aimless, reflective and people bounce the question back:


What does your gut tell you?


Often, when quiet, there is a gut feeling - a hunch, that one direction is better than another.


But what about all the times when we aren’t searching for an answer? Is that gut feeling still online, quietly whispering deeper insights on deaf ears for a mind too busy with the business of the present moment, cluttered with its noisy details, shuddering all chance to realize better directions?


How often do we take a step back and quietly reflect about our direction, our method, our mood and drive, letting all fall quiet so that a deeper insight might be heard?


All week there was something fluttering about the back of my mind. A hunch and a suspicion relating to a friend’s ongoing problem. And it’s so very strange. When I finally consciously addressed the idea in the back of my mind, it wasn’t as if it was a bolt from the blue. I was also suddenly aware that I’d been thinking about nearly constantly without even realizing I was thinking about it. The hunch turned out to be very fruitful - a piece of the puzzle clicking into the place of a solution.


It makes me pause now to wonder: what other hunches have been patiently waiting in the wings to be noticed? What wisdom do we contain and generate, but pass up?


What subtle sight is taking in our life, commenting on it like a future version of our own selves, noting paths unseen, unrealized, as if earmarking life for hindsight.


What have you been thinking about without acknowledging?

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