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August 20th, 2018

Often when we express an idea or statement, we feel we’ve nailed it.  And when someone does not understand, we find it mind boggling.


“How can they not understand!?  I said it so clearly!”


(Strangely, we think repeating the exact same words will do the trick.)


The feeling of expression is the culprit.


But we can take it one step further.  We can remind ourselves that there are endless ways to express an idea, an opinion, a feeling, a concern.


These different ways of expressing an idea, opinion, etc. are merely different perspectives on the same given topic. 


As though the topic were in the center of a vast circle.  Every point on that circle is a different perspective.  A different way of looking at the same thing. A different angle, a different set of details.


This subject is fussed about a lot with interpersonal skills:  telling a subordinate that they need to improve, talking to a boss about a colleague, expressing frustration to a partner..


But what about the things we say to ourselves?


Self-talk is a real thing.  We all do it.


But have we thoroughly sussed out all the better ways we can talk to our selves?


Colleagues, bosses, subordinates, friends, family, spouses…. we connect with them and progress if we take the time to phrase things with more thoughtfulness.


Might we progress faster and more efficiently if we devote some time to the endless ways we can speak to ourselves?

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