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August 24th, 2018

This is the complement of the positively-touted ‘Onwards and Upwards’.


They are not opposites.  Though one seems positive and one seems negative.


Functionally they are the same. 


‘Onwards and Upwards’ idealizes the future and sacrifices focus on the present.  ‘I could have been a contender’ idealizes the past and also sacrifices a focus on the present. 


Both are nostalgic coping mechanisms designed, built and instituted by laziness.


Sure, we might not be 17 years old with a body growing at full throttle into the shape of a prize-winning boxer.  But life does not take place solely in the square of a boxing ring.  To trash decades of opportunity because things didn’t work out perfectly during a few dinky years in the second decade is, well, kind of funny.  Really sad, but also really funny.  And only sad as long as it continues.  (the humor need not end)


Trash the past.


Trash the future.


Neither exist anyway.


Draw a golden circle around right now and set it on fire.


See how bright it can get.


This episode references Episode 130: Onwards and Upwards.  If you'd like to fully explore the reference, please check out that episode next.


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