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April 18th, 2018

What is the difference between these two words?

A person who is determined is trying to do something. Trying to make something happen. Trying to make the world be a certain way.

A person who is stubborn is likewise trying to do something. Trying to make something happen. Trying to make the world be a certain way.

Where lies the difference?

Those who we deem ‘determined’?

We approve of their goals.

We want such people to succeed. We want to see the world become their version. We want to see them climb that mountain, start that business, ace that test.

How do we feel about the goals of those we deem ‘stubborn’?

We are generally less enthusiastic. In fact a stubborn person’s goals are antithetical to how we see and understand the world and how we want it to be. We do not approve of these goals. 

These two words are describing the same quality but with opposing value judgments. One describes the quality as positive, and one describes the same exact quality as negative.

The difference is inherent in the outside perspective of the stubborn/determined person.

Following this understanding, what does it mean when someone says:

“I’m so stubborn when it comes to… [insert whatever]”

Just like a procrastinating student:

We all know what work we need to do.

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