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December 29th, 2018

Visitors never comment on the seeds in the ground.  A gardener knows what work goes into the flower and the fruit, but the early onlooker judges on appearance, not an understanding of the slow process at work.


Even when something finally pierces the surface, there is still no flower nor fruit.  The well versed gardener takes it as a a good sign, a chance to nurture, a chance to start the real work.


Shipping our project is just the start, like planting a seed.  Think for a moment of how much laborious design went into the instructions curled up in that seed.  Generations of flowers and fruits interacting with the world at larger were slowly edited to give that seed a tweak, a nudge in a direction that might better, more useful, more fruitful. 


Seeds are no flash in the pan, though some weeds may sprout early and fast to take advantage where they find, the oak, though tentative and weak at the start, endures long beyond those petty weeds.


Our projects need not wait for the seasons of the world, but may lie in wait for the season of drive and determination.  Some people go through all of life without a single season of courage, without a single season where their efforts flourish and blossom with flowering fruits of labor long in the making.  Just as the good gardener labors for goods that require patience, any goal or project we undertake must be afforded the generosity of that same patience.   Seeds just planted do not sprout overnight but require time and warmth and water.  So too with our projects for we know not when that first searching limb will take root in the larger imagination of our fellow friend and foe, and produce a chance to change things for the better.


Evolution has done the same to you, and invested millions of years in the design of you.  Just as millions of seasons have shaped the curled instructions of seeds, we too have been honed as best as the past could fashion for an unknown tomorrow.   Are you going to pierce the ground and suck in the sun’s energy?  Whether that be the power wrought from a successful business or a high platform affording you the ears of thousands, maybe millions.  What flower and fruit will you proffer for the world at large to take and find nourishment, in order to move forward into a new and unknown tomorrow?


This episode references Episode 65: The Brain Garden

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