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May 9th, 2018

It’s one thing to think about it. Talk about it. Debate about it.

But without action.

You get no real feedback.

Feedback that will tell you what’s wrong with your thinking, talking, debating. 

Taking action is like poking reality.

You’ll get a reaction. (Even no reaction is an important kind of feedback.)




Reality will poke back.




If you’re quiet, and push aside all those bungling emotions for a moment. You might just see what reality is telling you. How the thinking can be tweaked. How one side of the debate maybe had a better point.

Maybe it’ll help you waste less time with all that thinking, talking & wondering, by showing you:

It wasn’t something worth hoping for in the first place.

Or maybe that hope will start taking shape as something real.

Either way.

You’ll save time by cutting out all that extra thinking, talking, hashing-it-out, etc. that would have kept going on endlessly…



had you not acted.


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