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April 15th, 2019

Today marks Tinkered Thinking’s first birthday.  In the last year there have been 365 podcast episodes and adjoining posts that comprise hundreds of different perspectives revolving around one central theme.


Tinkered Thinking will continue in this vein for the reasonably foreseeable future in order to more fully explore this theme and slowly extrapolate upon a framework that has begun to arise from the soup of 275,000 words.


Today seems like a particularly salient day to comment on the fact that this platform has a continuous output seven days a week.


The purpose and effect is several fold.  It has been an experiment to see if writing about a single topic everyday is possible, and that experiment was also undertaken in order to more quickly and fully construct a virtuous habit.  Like most all behaviors and thoughts, those most repeated are generally the more likely to happen again, and a day-off presents an opportunity for the exact opposite to repeat until nothing is left but an old curious project that might have yielded something.


The other side of this 7 day schedule is a tribute to the fact that we do not ever have any days off from life.  While vacations might feel like reprieves from more routine work, we never get a day off from who we are or our experience from moment to moment. 


Each day is an opportunity to explore something new, as each episode of Tinkered Thinking strives to do.  And the result has been surprising.  Such a practice of engaging with the unknown unearths completely unexpected treasures.  It’s been the hope of this platform that such discoveries might be helpful, useful or at the very least curious to those who are kind enough to take some time with the content.


If you have at all benefited from the wandering wonderings of Tinkered Thinking over the last year, or if you have just discovered it, please take the time to share it with someone.  Please also consider becoming a supporter of the platform, even a couple of bucks a month makes a substantial impact on the health and longevity of this project.  Books are in the works along with supporter-only content, so stay tuned as Tinkered Thinking explores a second year of wondering out loud.

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