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April 18th, 2019

Neuroscience research seems to indicate that the world we see is mostly a kind of controlled hallucination.  Most of what we are seeing is more like what we’re expecting to see as opposed to some definitive and perfectly reliable experience of reality.


A strange phenomenon everyone experiences that may possibly verify this is the all too familiar search for a lost item which turns out to be in a very obvious place.  Often times we are looking directly at the lost item and somehow we fail to see it.  We laugh this off as some kind of funny mental mix up, and yet the implications are perhaps deeply unnerving.  If we can totally miss an item right in front of our eyes that we are consciously seeking, what else might we be missing.


This is far more important in the conceptual realm where our perspective on the non-physical aspects of a situation can be greatly hindered.


For example, a focus on limitations can thoroughly blind a person from seeing all that is within their power to actually accomplish.  This perspective, like all others explored on Tinkered Thinking are invisible and yet they comprise ways of seeing the world.


When we see a solution, it’s generally because our perspective has been tweaked, just as we suddenly see an optical illusion when we tweak our position in relation to it.


As we learn we are quite literally searching for an invisible perspective through which to see the world with a sense of understanding that enables us to practically manipulate some aspect of the world to proper effect.


It bodes well for the depressed or anxious, the confused or the frustrated: there’s simply no telling what new thought or idea might bring our perspective of the world into clearer, sharper focus, expanding our agency and enabling us to take an effective action.

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