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May 21st, 2019


Today on tinkered thinking, we have been drinking


and wandering on down with a mind that is shrinking.


As the cup fills,


we take more swills,


to ensure there is more room to pour.


But what for?



A full house has all it’s cards spoken for


so no one else need come through the door.


But what if we need space for just one more?


A story, an idea, advice filled with lore?


A crammed cranium, oozing at the ears


is bound to be riddled, clogged, and stuck up with fears.



Metaphors like draino, light poisons to shine our mental veneer,


to clear out the clogs and give our minds space to hear,


some new concept, a realization to ring true and clear.



Guzzle and swig in the name of the unknown,


to toast to old ashen ideas, now withered to bone.



Make way for the new


it comes in any hue. . .



Choose your trend,


to ride round the next bend,



Neverminding myopia,


our plans are bound for utopia!



And of all the blathering big babies you might turn an ear


Nevermind the babbling voice on the phone, in your pocket, so near.



There’s no telling what dear darlings in your mind such voice might flush clear,


So be a dear and steer clear, not a sheep, black, white, purple, but still loaded with fear.




For it’s me fair friend that preservers to dare,


with perfuse, diffuse, distributed feelings of care,


for you fellow stranger, traveler rough and rare.




I’ll sing till my tongue grows silver and sharp


waging war with a rhetorical harp,


so that when you dear friend


have a thirst to mend,



and again you wander on down to the watering hole


I’ll have waiting for you every day a full bowl


To drink with ears and eyes


from my web of words that tries



to teach you








How to tinker your drinking


so you’ll never drink without thinking


some kool-aide from a scheming spin-king.



So gather round thinkers and listen


Another episode has arisen.

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