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May 27th, 2019

There’s an important difference to be made between the work we currently do and the people we currently work with. 


If the current work is unsatisfying, one of the important limitations of changing the nature of the work we do is the network we have available.


It may seem that a wholesale change of both is always necessary in order to improve things, making that ‘huge leap’ into a different career path that much more difficult, but the components here can be teased apart in an easier, more virtuous way.


If for example we jump at an easier opportunity, that is doing the same work we’ve been doing, but for different people, we expand our network of people, making it more likely that someone we know has an important connection to a more interesting line of work.


Furthermore the familiar work can be used to demonstrate an ability to deliver.  We are far more likely to give a newbie a chance if they prove reliable in another field.  The things that everyone desires in other people are the same no matter what the work:  being able to deliver quality.  This applies to most all relationships, whether it be a work relationship or family, or even friends: most all our actions boil down to an important and honest judgment of following through on one’s word.  With this quality visibly in place, there’s no piece of paper or resume that will substitute.


And in the quest for more interesting, profitable or fulfilling work, the real task is often finding the people who need such work. 


In short, proving to new people an ability to deliver with old work can potentially lead to new work.


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