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June 10th, 2019


To think or talk,


never mind the walk.





The myriad ways


we wile away the days,





With no real doing,


just a mind always chewing




on some plan


written in the mind’s sand,











before the memory’s tide


sweeps every design aside.



How does that blessed view,


from a neural web accrue,




and breathe life into our extraordinary sight,


of this universe filled with reality’s light.



And yet we run electric circles,


between our ears,


avoiding actual hurdles,


staying safe from fears,






only ever talking,


lest we tinker


and hear a new voice knocking


from a new thinker,







New words from our own lips


our consciousness sips.


The fruit of fresh thought,


an idea to act now caught.






To tinker with thought and talk


is to tinker with the path we walk.

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