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July 12th, 2019

Particularly in the world of exercise and physique, the practice of comparing ‘before’ and ‘after’ is widespread.


Exactly what is the subject here when we refer to a situation before it and after it?


Some sort of change, naturally.  However, this is a cognitive misnomer.  The concept of ‘before’ whether it refer to physique or something else is representative of an old status quo.  The real problem is with the term ‘after’.  It telegraphs the sense of what movies do with montages. That there is some sort of concentrated event and voila, there’s a new easy status quo that is remarkably better.


What fails to come across with the use of ‘after’ is that a process of change is often still in motion.


It would be more appropriate to say ‘before’ and ‘during’, since the results that we are reporting are the result of a process in progress.


The real difference between before and during is not some isolated incident like popping a pill.


The difference is merely starting.

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