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July 21st, 2019

Lucilius was on a silent retreat, deep in the woods at a quiet monastery, meditating in the company of others who sought the experience.  All who took part and even those who ran the monastery were forbidden from speaking in order to honor the wish of the man who had built the monastery, knowing full well that this silence would aid the journey of all those who sought a better mind.


After many days in silent contemplation, sitting with all the rest in the great hall, Lucilius sensed something amiss and opened his eyes.  One of the others had entered the great hall and the man was frantically waving his hands with an incredible look of urgency.  Lucilius quickly got up and followed the direction the man indicated.  Lucilius turned a corner and saw in the kitchen a fire had started, growing from the oven and licking the ceiling as it grew and spread.


Lucilius quickly turned back to the great hall where dozens of others sat in meditation and yelled, “fire!”

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