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July 22nd, 2019

Priority as an idea has bloated into something it doesn’t really mean.  We think of a to-do list, an order of importance, but priority refers to just one thing, the only thing, the priority, the prior.


A funny and useful little word that has been hopping around the last few years isconquertize.  A simple way to interpret this word is to think of


prioritizing the things we conquer.


This may relate to an order of operations.  An easy way to think of the order of operations is that socks go before shoes.  To attempt the reverse order is, well, ill-advised.


If we can conquer our to-do list in the right order, this also frees up the lost meaning of priority.  For example, if having as much freedom of attention and timeis our priority, which gives rise to the more enjoyable parts of life: spending time with family, working on side projects we are curious about, reading, etc, then this priority gives rise to a logic in which we can conquertize the problems we tackle in life.


Money often comes into sharp focus at this point. Most people make a big trade-off with time in order to have enough money to sustain some standard of living.  It’s an ironic tragedy of the modern age to have a lovely standard of living and no time to actually live it.


Establishing time as the priorityinstantly recalibrates the logic of conquertizing our problems.  Suddenly the eternal question of “what should I concentrate on?” has a clear and present answer.


Conquertizing can be more than an odd replacement for the way we use the word ‘prioritize’.  How exactly can we prioritize if we haven’t actually established the priority?  Conquertize can be a word that electrifies our logic of operation, aligning an order of operation with our most important desires.



This episode references Episode 352: Order of Operations and Episode 10: Priorities.

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