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August 2nd, 2019

A bucket of mud is no place for an origami flower.


That paper flower would instantly soak and bloat, wrinkle and whither until nothing is left but a sloppy mess.


A paper flower is an intricate and delicate construction, and in order for it to, well, flourish, it needs the right environment, like a clean dry table on which it can be displayed.


Some thoughts and ideas are like this origami flower.  They require a certain environment in order to be constructed and appreciated.


Many people do not have a mind that can host a good thought.   Think of all the self-deprecating thoughts that are running around in people’s mind right now.  How many people would – if they could some how be relieved of this self-depreciation – start work on a nice little idea they have.  An idea that is currently squashed by the heavy dominance of negative thoughts? 


Great things have small beginnings,




 small beginnings require the right environment to continue.

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