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August 19th, 2019


Something to pass the time is a very strange concept.


Time is the most precious opportunity we have.  No matter what we do, it’s going to pass.


Money makes a bit more sense in this context.  It’s always possible to make more, but time?  That’s gone the moment it’s used.


It stands to reason that the person who is just trying to pass the time, until the next pressing matter is at hand, has not thought deeply about what it means to have only some unknown finite amount of time left.


Contemplating this regularly exercises an important discretion about the tasks and activities that we choose to do.


For example, if each of us could have a total for all the time we’ve spent watching T.V. or scrolling through social media, and then instantly be able to convert that into time spent doing one difficult thing, like learning the piano, or a language, or some new skill, or building out a business idea, it’s likely to be staggering just how much time seems like it was wasted. 


We have lulled ourselves into a state of complacency about how fast death hurtles towards us from the future.


When unplanned intervals of time open up in front of us, the best way to pass that time is perhaps to review how we’ve been spending our time, and whether or not we need to make a change.

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