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August 23rd, 2019

One of the earliest episodes of Tinkered Thinking, Episode 15, titled Firebomb Your Life, is all about starting over, cutting ties, moving, and  seizing the opportunity of a totally fresh situation.


Doing this physically, by actually moving to a new place is the most drastic, and probably the easiest way to do this.


but it is possible every day, at every moment.


It’s a matter of letting go of the past more than anything else.



The reason why it is so difficult is – in large part – because of the concept of Rose-Coloured Cuffs, as discussed in Episode 33.  People: friends and family, trigger the person we have been to remerge in the moment, by reflex.


Letting go of all that is very difficult, whereas moving to another place affords a situation with none of the influences to trigger the person we have been.


But it’s still possible.  To let go of the person we have been.


It’s clearly very unlikely as we don’t see it happening all the time.  But rarity does not mean impossible.


It also doesn’t seem likely that someone would be able to let go in this way without a strong practice of mindfulness. 


In this context, the gift of a mindfulness practice simply allows a person to thoughtfully pause before reacting in a reflexive, canned sort of way that is the hallmark of who they’ve been.  Without this pause, it’s difficult to see an avenue by which a person could possibly let go of who they have been in favor of better actions they might take.

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