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September 14th, 2019


As we understand things right now, everyone dies, and that’s the Golden Guarantee.


It’s guaranteed because as far as anyone can tell, as of right now, it’s definitely going to happen.


It’s golden because it’s the ultimate ‘out’.


All the embarrassment, shame, pain and fear will ‘poof’ be gone.  And given enough time, absolutely no one will remember nor care about it.


Perhaps that sounds sad at face value, but consider the flipside:



It’s freedom



You can go and try literally anything.  And no matter how bad it turns out, you have the Golden Guarantee to rely on.


It’s the positive inversion of the saying “I’ll do it later.”


The key is to realize that tomorrow doesn’t really exist.  All we have is the here and now.  Things that we say we’ll do later are things that we will never do.  Today is always the ‘later’ when we said we’d do something.


Likewise, the moment death arrives, the present vanishes.


It’s a Catch-22, but one that works to our benefit given the right perspective.


The Golden Guarantee holds that when we finally have a moment to reflect on our life as a whole, we will be unable to reflect in any capacity whatsoever.


well, at the very least, there’s no evidence of the possibility.  And until otherwise, we are wiser to position ourselves in relation to the facts in a way that benefits us, both psychologically and productively.


This could be wrong, but the Golden Guarantee ensures that there’s no real reason to worry about it


for very long.

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