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October 9th, 2019


Wake for productive sake,


Gaze at the numerical parable


of the latest bionic wearable.


Mind the numbers, the graphs – they aren’t fake.





Sit and stare at eyelid backs


hearing instruction - the meditation hacks.


for ten minutes or twenty,


lost to thoughts of girls and a Bently






Then on to coffee with fish oil and butter


to down quick, counting out half-life hours,


ensuring the boons of sleep, those nightly powers,


always ruined by booze and teasing eyelids always aflutter.






Waking with the setback of past pleasure,


Cursing one’s self, the hangover, taking full stock and measure.


The bionic app warns, you’re flashing, in the red,


graphs and numbers report you’re practically dead.





But the world’s gearbox beckons


You have duties, move on from this morning


Skip the habit, get straight to work, start performing.


Red eyed, thoughts melted, smearing through long seconds.






Rough out the long day like a bad plan


Write this one off from a shortening life span.


Remember for next time pleasure’s long, steep cost


But someone teases, a drink? they ask, and you’re lost.


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