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May 31st, 2018

Ironically. . .

Busyness is often a form of laziness.



Or rather, the counter-intuitive by-product of laziness.

The aimless existence of couch-potatoes and serial sitcom dopers do not have sole claim to the throne of laziness.





Being more productive does not mean adding more things to our to-do lists. Often it means saying no, cutting out the unnecessary and doubly focusing on what is actually important.

Busyness becomes a by-product of laziness when we fail or refuse to first pause and ask ourselves what is actually important. What really needs doing? That is the difficult work. That requires flexing the brain.

Merely being busy does not automatically result in…. results.





Certainly there is a higher probability that results will occur if we are actually doing things. But simply being busy is no guarantee that the results will be aligned with what we truly desire. 





Ironically, the probability of desired results occurring goes up if we do the opposite of busyness first: devoting some quiet methodical time to what ‘busy’ tasks are worth doing. 

In productivity-speech, this can be relegated as Prioritization.

But usually this just means a reorganization of a giant list of tasks.

Funny enough, the word ‘priorities’ used to be only singular. There was only one priority. Meaning the one thing that comes before all else,  the prior

It is funny that ‘what comes before’ is now a giant laundry-list of busyness.

If we are prioritizing a giant list of things, have we flipped the meaning? Have we taken the huge lists of tasks and put it in front of the one thing that should be prioritized? The priority?

What are we procrastinating to do? What are we putting off and filling in the time with huge lists of busy-shit tasks in order to stave off doing the one most important thing?





Something that is more difficult than ‘being busy’?

Something that might be uncomfortable?

The hard work:

Pausing. Considering deeply what is important.




If we cannot say ‘no’ to things that will busy us, then we have not properly identified The Important.

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