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November 4th, 2019


Everyone claims to love learning.  But this is mostly untrue.


The reason is that people fail to think about what the state of learning – what the actual verb – is referring to.


Everyone loves having new skills and knowledge.  But having skills and knowledge is not learning.  Skills and knowledge are the end result of learning.


The verb ‘learn’ refers to the process of acquiring these skills and knowledge.


What sort of state floods a person’s mind when they are trying to acquire a skill or some kind of knowledge?





Learning is what’s going on before we have the skill, or before we understand the knowledge. 


The default state of learning is confusion. 


Once the skill is acquired or the knowledge is understood, then it’s no longer learning, it’s just a skill you have or some knowledge that you can use.


Learning is that difficult transitional phase when things don’t make sense.


Few people actually enjoy, let alone love this kind of state.


Just think for a moment:


How many times have you heard a person say that they love to be confused?


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