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November 7th, 2019


Vicious cycles composed of bad habits can send our lives into a tailspin, destroying resources and relationships.


Virtuous cycles, composed of good habits work much the same way, and, given enough time, such habits can compound to astonishing amounts of success.


Much of self-improvement revolves around the notion of installing good habits and then simply waiting for the results to compound into large, noticeable benefits.


It holds that we are all broken records, and that it’s just a matter of making sure we are singing the right song.


There’s a staggering amount of truth to this.


Our good habits are at constant risk of atrophy while bad habits are always primed to gain a foothold.


Of course, it doesn’t seem that habits capture all of human behavior, since we are liable to change as circumstance does.  There is always a great deal of randomness that we can generate and respond to.


But an overwhelming amount of our life is dictated by these habits.


Which song are you playing?



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