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December 24th, 2019


There’s a simple rule of thumb about whether you should call it quits for the day, when the frustration is too great, the problem too convoluted, the work simply not moving.


Is the problem mental or physical?


Or rather, are we failing to make progress because of our emotions?  Because we feel defeated or stupid or aimless?


Or is it because we keep trying to rub the headache from our temples, keep yawning, and squirming, and reaching for the coffee?


If the problem is a mental and emotional one, then keep pushing.  Don’t give in to the fresh start.


If the problem is legitimate physical exhaustion, then just go to bed.


When you’re truly in the flow, you’ll stay up without realizing it.


When the body needs rest, it’s most likely the brain that needs the rest.


Sweet dreams.

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