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December 28th, 2019



We can boil down the human life to an endless series of problem solving.  Every issue that arises, either at work or in relationships is a little puzzle and problem that needs solving.  We seem hardwired to do this even when we think we hate it.


Many problems we try to solve don’t even warrant the effort and would resolve without our efforts.


Picking which problem to work on is a skill that has very little active teaching behind it.


Indeed this is the initial problem to solve:  where should I direct my time and energy?


Freedom of choice is not limited to the choices on hand.


The most underrated gift of the modern age is that we can invent our own work. 


At first pass this might sound like creating problems for the sake of solving them, but it’s best to relax the definition of what problem means in this sense.


Tinkered Thinking didn’t exist a couple years ago, but now, everyday, the problem arises: what to write about?


This is an invented problem that yields something that wouldn’t exist otherwise.


The problem becomes a means to an end, but in the process it has also become an end unto itself.


Given just a little available free time, we are all free to invent a juicy and productive problem for our minds to chew on.


It’s something that’s best discovered as opposed to decided.


It begins by asking:


what if I did….?

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