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January 6th, 2020


It took 629 day for Tinkered Thinking to get on Spotify.  That’s a long time.  And it’s not as though no effort was made in the beginning, it’s just that there was a tiny glitch that held up the whole process.


It required a little digging to figure it out, and a little coding to fix it, but at the bottom of that search the problem turned out to be incredibly simple and so easy it deserves nothing more than an eye roll.


. . . and perhaps an episode to commemorate the tiny glitches that we leave hanging in our lives.


Tinkered Thinking is fortunate that fans reached out and asked for the podcast to get on Spotify and this was a very pleasant reason to dig in to the problem.


In other areas of life we are not so fortunate to have such positive reasons to fix things.  We might think of a falling out with a friend that might turn out to be due to a tiny and innocuous misunderstanding if we were to dig into it.  Or we might think of that oil change we were supposed to schedule last month, or the taxes we’re late on, or the subscription we need to cancel, or the Podcast we’ve been meaning to how some support for by starting a subscription, or the doctor appointment we need to make, or any countless other hanging threads we have in life.


Each has the potential to compound with time into unwanted results that far exceed their original worth.  It’s the exact opposite of a good investment.


The best investments take the marathon view.  You buy stock with a long term view and forget about it and time takes care of the rest.


The glitches in our life are things we should have taken care of once, and then likewise forgotten about.  Instead they linger, giving us unnecessary amounts of stress that only grow with time each time we remember what we didn’t do.


So often when we finally dig into it, the reaction is:


Oh?  That’s all it was?


Thinking back on all the stressful remembrances it’s worth wondering how much better life would have been without all those pinpricks of stress.


It could easily turn out to be a benefit to imagine the future negatively every time some small pressing issue comes up.


Is this going to stress me out every time I think about it in the future if I don’t take care of it right now?


Then we can ask:


Would you like to give your future self the gift of a life with less stress?


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