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June 9th, 2018

When it comes to changing the way we think, and subsequently the way we behave, our tool kit does not comprise of screwdrivers, nor saws, hammers, nails, bricks, mortar, nor I-beams, 3D-printers. . .


We have none of these useful tools.  To cut away bad parts.  To bolt a good practice on to ourselves.  The world of drugs tries to make this promise: that a pill can work like a hammer and a saw, cutting away the bad and allowing the good to flow.  But rarely does a short-term solution result in long-term results.



For long term results, we must work with the only tool we have.


Changing thoughts and behaviors is like shaping stone with an eyedropper.


Sounds ridiculous and impossible.





But we marvel at stone sculpted by the sea.


We marvel at the dented sidewalk beneath the rain gutter. 


We travel from around the world to see what a river has done in Arizona, Utah and Nevada.



The drop of water is not powerful alone. 


The power resides in consistency.


Enough drops of water, and we can drill through stone. 


With enough consistency we can split continents of the mind,



sculpt the mind,


slowly, methodically, consistently.

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