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March 8th, 2020

Lucilius sat hunched over a portion of code, puzzled.  He was designing a database for himself.  Quite literally.  He was trying to build a database the he himself would inhabit, and so he had set out to make a perfect mirror of his own mind.


In order to do this, he was transferring parts of his own mind into the database as he built it in order to make sure it’s relational connections were an actual reflection of the way he thought.


What Lucilius could have easily seen coming was that if he removed too much of his mind into the database he would cease to be able to think properly, or even function.


And this is exactly what happened.  Lucilius had expanded the database to such a size that he had to move a large portion of his mind into it in order to see if it functioned properly.  Lucilius initiated the process and as a result there was too little of him left in his body, and not enough in the database to fully function without external help.


In short, Lucilius crashed.

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