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June 10th, 2020


Some days just get written off.  All our plans somehow fall apart, motivation is nowhere to be found, and an entire slew of nothing seems to crop up for us to deal with.  The day passes without much to show for.  Sometimes, this can be nice, enjoyable.  A day off from life. 


But otherwise, the end of the day can arrive with the feeling that it was all a waste, as though the responsibility of actually getting a day to start with has been squandered, and we’ve failed to live up to the chance we’ve been given.


It’s for this reason, for those days, that it’s good to have just one thing that must happen everyday.  Something productive and creative.  Something probably low stakes, something that no one else might ever see, but something that must be done before we close our eyes for that short death between days.


This might be meditating, or a workout, or writing, or coding, or painting, or any number of things.


Imagine the day is like a good friend.  While it’s nice to go all out to show your appreciation for a friend, with the dinner at the fancy restaurant, or the meticulously planned party, we can honor a loved one by the smallest of gestures. 


The day we are granted each time we open our eyes is much the same.  After hours of defeat, the day can still be won by one tiny victory.

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