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August 10th, 2020


Whether you are starting a business and looking for customers or if you simply want people to read your writing, or laugh at your jokes, or if you’ve spiralled into the morass of being an influencer, each one of these situations seeks an audience.  An audience of any legitimate size becomes one that is larger than the person on stage or behind the keyboard can get to know.  This heavily skewed ratio may in fact be the definition of audience:  a bunch of people paying attention to one, or a few.


So how does that one in the spotlight, or those few with the audience filter their audience?


It’s much like anything else: you get what you ask for.  Garbage in? Garbage out.


Or in this case, if you put out garbage, it’s probably going to attract a garbage audience.  If your comedy is rooted in the expense of a scapegoat, then should you be surprised if the audience you attract makes a scapegoat of you?


If an individual’s platform is rooted in strong statements and attacking opposing views tooth and nail, is the audience for such content going to be open and curious?  Skeptical and inviting of new ideas?


…probably not.


Of course this applies aptly to Tinkered Thinking, and the audience that has formed around this content wasn’t planned at all, but given rise to these thoughts.  The people who engage with Tinkered Thinking are a constant reflection of this content.  They ask questions, they wonder, the pause before deciding.


Clearly biased opinion here, but, they are simply excellent.

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