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August 14th, 2020


How many times was the school essay banged out at the last moment during the all nighter and handed in without even a second look for fear of just how bad it would be?  In retrospect its somewhat amazing how well a student can do while implementing the worst possible process.  Then again, Tinkered Thinking isn’t too much different.  None of these episodes are edited and the only second glance they are given is during the reading for the podcast.


But of course, this rapid-fire-rough-draft is the name of the game for the Tinkered Thinking experiment.  


That being said, when it comes to efforts of much larger and more complicated effort, a few comb-throughs are absolutely essential. 


For example, Tinkered Thinking has been developing an online store, coding it from scratch, all for the purpose of launching a book.  The store has technically been functional for days, but each of these days evinced another set of bugs in the code that had to be carefully hunted down, scrutinized and squashed.  Word of the store has been carefully guarded and carefully leaked to more and more people during these days in order to facilitate more dry runs of the store, and the strategy has been essential.  Come launch day, with fingers crossed, all should go well.  And regardless of how much Murphy’s Law gets in the way of that hope, it’ll certainly go better than if all these bugs hadn’t been rooted out.


All problems concede to attention, if attention is ample, generous, unending and focused.  A dry run, whether it be for an online store, or a play, or a jujitsu maneuver, is a particular iteration of attention, one that gets a new view of the situation - a view that is bound to uncover things we missed.


Unfortunately there’s no dry run for life.  While we get a lot of repetition with each day holding a similar structure to the one before, we only get one shot at each.  The days in this respect are like Tinkered Thinking episodes - there is no rewrite: you just have to go for it, do your best, and see what happens.

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