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September 29th, 2020


If you were to sit down and write your autobiography, would it make for good reading?  This requires answering two questions.  The more obvious one is whether you’ve lived an interesting life.  The other refers to how good of a writer you are.  It is imaginable that a boring life can be conveyed in a fascinating way.  But, of course, an interesting life makes for easier writing, and a great story can certainly make it easier to forgive bad writing.  Makes for a valid wonder: what’s easier, to become a great writer or to live an interesting life?


This begs a deeper question regarding what it means to live and ply one’s self to the task of making the most of one’s time.  A great writer need not necessarily live a fascinating life.  That fascinating life can be discovered within the practice and art of honing one’s own craft, and that’s generally a journey that doesn’t exactly translate into an exciting adventure story.  The obstacles and triumphs are of a more cognitive variety - the trial is more with the limits of one’s own self as opposed to the circumstances and vicissitudes of life.


The overwhelming majority of people simply aren’t going to sit down and write an autobiography. Everyone, however, is required to live a life.  That adventure is not up for debate, though the amount of adventure we infuse our life with certainly does receive a wide variable.  Some lead the same blandly content life, day after day and perhaps never notice how much more could be done with it.  While others, in a similar position get to a late point in life and realize how much more could have been done with the time alive.  And of course still others understand the fundamentally fleeting nature of life and seize as much of it as will fit within human grasp and wrench it in all sorts of interesting directions.    Whichever option it be, we are each writing our own story, written or not, but lived all the same.


It bodes well to reflect frequently and ask earnestly: how interesting is your time alive?


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