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October 22nd, 2020


We operate in conjunction with two vectors: incoming, and outgoing.  Materialism is perhaps the best example of the incoming vector.  We seek to acquire more things, to bring these desirable things closer to us, to possess them.  But of course other things slide along this vector: social media addictions, chemical addictions, and drama of all sorts.


On the other hand the outward vector is the symmetrical version:  We either let go of things, or we create, produce and ship things out into the world. 


One of these vectors is a tool for a far more fulfilling life than the other.  Writing a short story is far more fulfilling than watching the next episode of the show Netflix has queued.  Letting go of possessions is strangely more relaxing than obtaining others.


This simple rubric of direction reveals even more subtlety when we look at some specific language.



Take for example two of the most coveted and desired things in modern society: happiness and passion.  Both of these are concepts that indicate a possession.  You have a passion, and happiness is something we chase.


Compare those to a couple of other terms that seem to be in the same wheelhouse but operate on the other vector: Peace and curiosity.  Both of these are defined by a lack of something.  Peace exists when dread and anxiety of chaos leaves, and curiosity is a thirst for something that is still unknown.  Both are defined more by an outward perspective, whereas happiness and passion are inwardly focused.


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